Powerkitedirect Trainer Kite Resources: Technical Jargon Explain

It can be quite hard going out and purchasing a product which you do not have any past shopping experience with, specially if it is about buying a new trainer kite for yourself. Selecting a trainer kite can be quite a daunting task specially if you an amateur considering the fact that you come across a large variety of new terms which can leave you even more confused when making a decision. It can be quite tough getting used to of the jargon used in the world of trainer kites, and Powerdirectkite Trainer Kite resources truly understands the problem. Discussed below are some terms which are very often used by manufacturers and professional users of trainer kites to making things easier for you.

A term that you would have heard of very often is leading edge. As the name indicates, this term basically refers to the front area of your kite when it is flying in the air. You would find that a large number of trainer kites are designed so that they would fly in one direction, and the edge on the nose happens to be what is referred to as the leading edge. Another term you must have heard when the leading edge is mentioned is the trailing edge. The trailing edge is the back of the trainer kite at the tail end as the name suggests. A term that is very commonly used is bridle. Bridle refers to the lines which are attached from the bottom of you kite and connected with the lines present on it. The bridles are stitched with the canopy which ensures that its shape is maintained. They look a lot similar to parachute lines. Another terminology used is the safety leash. It is basically an attachment which allows you to control a certain line on your kite with your hands.

These are just a few of the terminologies which are used quite often.


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